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Welcome to Mystica

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About Us

One aspect of the multi-dimensional art experience is the fine art of mosaics.

Mystica creates classic and contemporary mosaic surfaces for architects,
commercial spaces and private homes.

We specialize in ceramic design. We are inspired by the unpredictable and
dynamic nature of the firing process and are passionate about experimenting
with formulas for glazes and lustres.

Mystica create their own hand-crafted individual mosaic pieces or tesserae. These
special pieces are incorporated into their creations and serve as special touches to
enhance certain features of a complete work.

‘Mystica’ offers commission work for private and commercial clients, interior
and exterior.

Mystica’s mosaic works can be seen at the Gitlin Museum and Library in Cape Town,
various synagogues, the Nature Museums in Rodrigues and Mauritius and in
various other public spaces.

Mystica has initiated and collaborated with various community art projects and
public art
works in Israel, South Africa, Mauritius, Rodrigues and Fiji.

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For a sense of the journey go to ‘Mystica Journeys’.

Mystica also creates a unique sound innovation which he utilized for the
launching of a dance company in Mauritius .



For a touch of inspiration, see some of our poetry.

Join our interesting seminars to learn more about different ways of seeing, philosophy, art and metaphysics and many inspiring discussions.

Discover color consultancy and color therapy and how it can enhance your well being and your environment.

‘Mystica’ looks forward to sharing their experience, knowledge and passion for the arts with you.

Contact • Tel: +230 59794311


Life is a gift, make it your masterpiece
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