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colour consultancy
Colour consultancy
True Colors - Color consultancy and color therapy

What is color consultancy?

A clear and accurate assessment of your color needs for your business or private home, hospitals, clinics, schools, special needs education, commercial sites – interior and exterior.

Why do I need color consultancy?

Color influences people's behavior, emotions, well being, energies and motivations.

For health and educational institutions color is an important tool to promote calmness, focus, concentration, healing according to individual needs.

Mystica offers a service to diagnose the needs for color to suit your situation and supply you with a presentation of recommended use of color for each surface.

This service is based on the principles of color or ‘chromatherapy’.

For commercial and business, color attracts clients, raises the value of property and promotes a feeling of confidence and trust.

Color consultancy offers the opportunity to assess the colors around you at work or in the home and give you the best colors according to your needs.

  • The color best suited for a children’s room according to his/her character.
  • The color best suited for your work environment be it in an office, factory or shop. In the case of a shop, how to attract your clients with the most suitable and relevant color. How to increase sales by influencing the clients mood and improving the way he sees himself.
  • How to promote confidence and trust.
  • How to improve your employees productivity and performance by enhancing his immediate surroundings with the correct color needs.
  • These are based on the principals of industrial psychology and answer to each person’s individual needs.
  • The colors best suited for a hospital or clinic according to the healing properties which each color vibrates. (The color of the maternity ward, children’s ward or operation recovery ward with the appropriate colors for each of its needs.)

The extent to which the colors around us influence our daily lives tend to be underrated or ignored. Utilizing the right colors with knowledge, understanding and experience can make a huge impact on our state of being in everyday life.


A color consultant/expert will first offer an on-site visit to assess the needs and the environment.
He/she will study all the aspects and conditions and sometimes will talk to people in the work place about their feelings for their environment.
The consultant will then compile a clear, accurate and detailed proposal of where and how to improve the colors of the workable space.
The consultant will also suggest which materials to use, where they are available and how to implement the given plan.

color consultancy
color consultancy
colour consultancy

color consultancy

Kids special

Colors used for children’s bedrooms, classrooms and other spaces where they spend their time influence their well being, emotional state and productivity in a way most people are unaware of.
A suitable color for their needs can make all the difference to their well being.
The consultant will talk to you about your child’s needs and challenges and help to create a positive color environment for his/her individual needs.

Contact Maiyan at……… or +230 59794311

Color therapy

Colors affect moods, emotions, state of mind and the physiological process. Color therapy uses this sensitivity to color to identify and correct any imbalances in the body’s internal energy patterns.

Color therapy is a complementary healing treatment technique, using the electromagnetic scale of light.

Each color of the scale has its own vibrational frequency much like the musical scale.

Each chakra in our body also has its own vibrational frequency. When one of our chakras are out of balance, so are these frequencies. Any organ in the body which is unhealthy or out of balance causes us pain or discomfort.

Color Wash
A color therapist will work with you as an individual, in a holistic way, assessing where the problems or imbalances lie and will help to balance them with colored light therapy and advice on your diet, work conditions, anxieties and any other aspects causing the imbalance.
The therapist will assist you with finding your equilibrium in a gentle, non invasive way.

Contact Maiyan at……. or +230 59794311
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